It is a combination of tradition and modernity.

We change the exercise mat into

a sup board that drifts

freely on the water.

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Discovering new waterways is our passion

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The company's sup-integration

will definitely relax the atmosphere

among colleagues.

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If you have never tried SUP before, we have great news for you !

Making friends with sup boards takes very quickly and pleasantly.


Even if you have never been in contact with any board,

we can guarantee that after a maximum of one lesson

you will move yourself on the Sup board in calm waters

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Quality is our priority

Sup boards that we present in our offer have been tried and tested in the most extreme weather conditions


 They have never let us down, so we know that we can share with you the best models of sup boards

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Sup board on the river is a great guarantee of an amazing adventure.
In Krakow, we can swim on the Sup board in many quaint places. Everyone can find something for themselves here. The contrast of the river is very interesting because at the water slide we can see the beautiful nature and the old city.



water reservoirs are undoubtedly places worth visiting. If you want to feel the seaside climate in Krakow, you should definitely visit the reservoir in Pisz, which is only 30 minutes away from the city center. On hot days this is definitely the best place to bask on the pen and cool in the water..



If only the Baltic Sea begins to heave, then at the same time we set out on a journey in search of the best waves. If you want Catch your waves and discover the land of 44 islands feel free to join us 

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